Health and Safety

The Diocese of Palmerston North has been active in observing, analysing, and reviewing developments related to the health and safety reforms. The Diocese is taking steps to keep Parishes up to date on developments and provide a logical process to follow.

Policies and Procedures

The following documents form the developing Diocesan System and have been provided to parishes:

Health and Safety Policy – 2017 Revised

Health and Safety Statement – 2017 Revised


Risk Management – 2017 Revised

Incident Management – 2017 Revised

First Aid – 2017 Revised



Discomfort Pain and Injury (DPI)

Disruptive Persons

Emergency Management

Smoke Free

Safe Driving


Periodically, additional procedures will be provided.


Parish Committees and Coordinators/Advisers

We have proposed that Parishes consider establishing a sub-committee of the Pastoral or Finance Committee for the purpose of being a Health and Safety Committee.

We also recommend that parishes appoint a person to be a Health and Safety Coordinator/Adviser. Remember, the person will get support and training from us so they don’t need to be an expert – just someone with time to commit to the process.

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