Just as we need the courage to be happy, we also need the courage to live simply

Pope Francis

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All our prayers, initiatives and hopes focus on understanding and loving Jesus and his Church by vibrantly living the breadth and depth of our faith. As disciples of Jesus and members of his Church, we are integral to parish life, and the ministry and mission of each parish and Eucharistic community embraces us.

Our roles include Parish Youth Ministry across each region within the Diocese, College Chaplaincy, Tertiary Chaplaincy, Young Adult Ministry

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Te Ahi Kaa – the Hearth Place

Young Catholics

The young adult community continues to flourish [..]

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2018 Synod to Reflect on Young People

Young Catholics

WelCom speaks to Bishop Steve prior to him leaving for Rome [..]

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Young missionaries living the gospel

Young Catholics

Stories of young people in our communities [..]

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