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Mandate: The Diocese of Palmerston North Māori Apostolate Forum is an open forum, that meets up to 2 times annually, for Māori and non-Māori who identify and belong to the kaupapa of the Māori Apostolate. It is convened by the Chairman of the Māori Apostolate Co-ordinating Board. The Forum resources the work of the Church among Māori.

A selection of Church documents regarding the Māori Apostolate and Indigenous Peoples

Let us be Fair and Informed by Bishop Peter Cullinane

Foreshore and Seabed – Submission by Bishop Peter Cullinane

Press Release: The place of the Treaty of Waitangi from the Anglican and Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand

Build Peace in respect to minorities by Pope John Paul II

New wine, new wineskins! by Bishop Max Takuira Mariu


Useful Resources 

Te Reo Titles for addressing in Whakatau: a list of Te Reo titles to use during a mihi whakatau

Putting macrons on Māori words: instructions for how to set up your keyboard to type macronised characters

Page border: a downloadable page border available for use in Word documents

For liturgical resources, click here.


Message to the Māori People from His Holiness John Paul II on the occasion of his visit to Aotearoa New Zealand in November 1986:

Maori_girl_JPIIThe Church here is young. It is less than two centuries since the Good News of Jesus was first preached in these three islands. Yet the Catholic faith has been quick to take root and flourish, enriched as it is by a variety of cultures from many parts of the world. Each of these traditions has brought special gifts: none has come empty handed.

A rich culture already existed in your country before the arrival of the Church or many immigrants: the culture of the Māori people. This culture has in turn been strengthened by the uplifting and purifying power of the Gospel.

I wish to extend special greetings to you, the Māori people of Aotearoa, and to thank you for your cordial ceremonial welcome. The strengths of Māori culture are often the very values which modern society is in danger of losing: an acknowledgement of the spiritual dimension of every aspect of life; a profound reverence for nature and the environment; a sense of community assuring every individual that he or she belongs; loyalty to family and a great willingness to share; an acceptance of death as part of life and a capacity to grieve and mourn the dead in a human way.

As you rightly treasure your culture, let the Gospel of Christ continue to penetrate and permeate it, confirming your sense of identity as a unique part of God’s household.

It is as Māori that the Lord calls you; it is as Māori that you belong to the Church, the one body of Christ.

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