Cyclone Gabrielle – Weather Preparation and Insurance

Published on 13th Feb, 2023


With Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle expected to deliver strong wind and heavy rain to much of the North Island in the early part of this week, please check the following before the bad weather arrives:

– Where it is possible and safe to do so, please check spouting on church and parish buildings and remove any debris so storm water can flow away from buildings and not back into the building.
– Shade sails are taken down.
– Rubbish bins are empty and secured.
– Door mats and any other loose items such as loose outdoor seating, etc. are secured or moved to a safe location.


It would also be a good idea to take photos of any church or parish items of value, those that may not be on the parish asset register or are, as where there is no visual record of the item, they will be hard to be replaced if damaged.  For example:

– Statues
– Stained glass windows
– Candle holders – large and small
– Altars
– Any other items where there is currently no record of the item being a parish asset.

There is no need to send the photos through to the diocese office, however it is important to keep these photos in your parish records.


Insurance Information

Church and parish buildings are insured by the Diocese through the NZ Catholic Church Insurance Scheme.

If there is any damage to parish property as a result of the weather, please contact the diocesan Property Manager, Susan Zentveld on 021 0607 643 or [email protected] for advice and an insurance claim can be lodged.

Please take photos or video of any damage to buildings and individual contents items as these will be required to support an insurance claim.


Yours faithfully

Susan Zentveld

Diocese of Palmerston North
Property Manager

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