Bishop's Advisory Groups

The Bishop consults with many groups in the Diocese. Each group is guided by terms of reference and by the Church's own legislation, called Canon Law. Members of the group are usually appointed by the Bishop with some exceptions. These groups reflect the collaborative nature of the diocesan decision making process.

Council of Priests – is representative of priests working in the diocese, coming together with the bishop for consultation on those matters which pertain to the life and ministry of priests and the good of the diocese. It should foster community among priests, the open exchange of ideas and programmes, and the involvement of all priests in the decision-making processes of the diocese.

Contact the Chair – Fr Marcus Francis through the Bishop’s Office

Diocesan Consultors – is an appointed group of priests with responsibilities in relation to acts of extraordinary administration and the alienation of Church property, and in providing for the interim government of a vacant diocese; In our diocese this body doubles as the group which the bishop consults in matters pertaining to the welfare of priests.

Contact the Vicar General – Fr Brian Walsh through the Bishop’s Office

Diocesan Management Advisory Board – is a consultative body to the bishop as pertains to overall financial administration of the Church’s goods in the Diocese of Palmerston North.  The board gives approval, where proper, to projects and programmes once the necessary processes have been fulfilled and provides financial and legal expertise in the administration of the Church’s goods.

Contact the Secretary

Diocesan Liturgy Commission – acts as an advisory body for the Bishop in all that pertains to liturgy and to take responsibility for promoting the liturgical life of the Diocese.

Contact the Chair – Mrs Jenny Poskitt through the Bishop’s Office

Maori Apostolate Coordinating Board – has been set up by the bishop to help him implement the diocese’s commitment to Maori Catholics; Works with the Maori Apostolate Forum to facilitate an appropriate flow of information between Māori and Pakeha Catholics, parishes and diocesan authorities.

Find more resources and contact information here

Catholic Charities Allocations Group – assists with funding Catholic and community organisations who are working in areas identified as priorities by The Tindall Foundation and the Catholic Charities Foundation.

Contact the Secretary – Ashley Dahl or find out more

Protocol Committee – The purpose of this inter-diocesan committee is to enable dioceses to address allegations of sexual abuse by clergy, religious and other Church personnel.

Contact the Bishop’s Office


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