NZ – middling performer in Mass attendance

Published on 31st Mar, 2023

WelCom April 2023

The World Values Survey (WVS), which began collecting data in the 1980s, has new data on Mass attendance for 36 countries with large Catholic populations. Which country has the highest Catholic Mass attendance?

Among the countries surveyed, weekly or more frequent Mass attendance is highest among adult self-identified Catholics in Nigeria (94%), Kenya (73%), and Lebanon (69%).

The next segment of countries, where half or more Catholics attend Mass every week includes the Philippines (56%), Colombia (54%), Poland (52%), and Ecuador (50%). Fewer than half, but a third or more attends every week in Bosnia and Herzegovina (48%), Mexico (47%), Nicaragua (45%), Bolivia (42%), Slovakia (40%), Italy (34%), and Peru (33%).

Between three in ten and a quarter of Catholics attends Mass every week in Venezuela (30%), Albania (29%), Spain (27%), Croatia (27%), New Zealand (25%), and the United Kingdom (25%).

The lowest levels of weekly attendance are observed in Lithuania (16%), Germany (14%), Canada (14%), Latvia (11%), Switzerland (11%), Brazil (8%), France (8%), and the Netherlands (7%).

The Catholic Church’s official population is around 1.3 billion adherents worldwide.

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