E tū mana o Te Ao: Building a Climate of Hope

Published on 19th May, 2023

Discover a series of inspiring webinars aimed at empowering individuals and fostering collective action in the face of Climate Change. Organized by the Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) Climate Action Group, these four thought-provoking webinars will take place from June 14th to July 5th.

Under the theme of “E tū mana o Te Ao: Building a Climate of Hope,” this event brings together renowned speakers who will share their insights and expertise. Speakers include Dr. Jane Goodall, Rabbi Dean Shapiro, the Pacific Climate Warriors, and Rt. Honorable Helen Clark.

Throughout the webinar series, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the climate crisis, particularly from the Pacific region’s standpoint. By highlighting actionable steps and encouraging engagement at the individual, familial, communal, and national levels, these webinars aim to empower attendees to address the challenges of climate change and adapt to future disasters.

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