Despair is never part of the Christian vocabularly

Published on 25th Mar, 2024

Bishop John Adams has delivered an inspiring message to the people of the Palmerston North Diocese this Easter.

Watch the video here, or read the transcript below.


Hello everyone and thanks for this chance to speak to you about the great festival of Easter which is almost upon us.

So much despair and despondency and sadness in the world at the moment, surely as Christians this must be tempered by the great joy of the Resurrection. We are Easter people. And we know that through the Resurrection, Jesus has won the victory over sin and death. So in fact, despair is never part of the Christian vocabularly. The good news of Christ’s resurrection from the dead must inform us at its deepest level.

So Easter greetings from me, the Bishop of Palmerston North, and I pray that each one of us might experience a sense of renewal and a fostering of joyfulness in our hearts this Easter season. For despair is never part of the Christian vocabularly.

Bishop John.


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