Community Life

Leadership within the Church is seen as “servant leadership” and all leaders are expected to encourage and include, to consult and to listen, and to act in the manner characterised by the Holy Spirit: seeking patience, wisdom and understanding; welcoming and discerning the counsel of those with more knowledge, and then with fortitude committing to the actions required in a spirit of piety, and fear of the Lord (wonder). Through this kind of leadership, we assist in building community.

Becoming Christian Community…
Marriage and Family Life

In each area of the Diocese, there is a pre-marriage programme organised. When you come to the church to book the church for a wedding you will be introduced to those who facilitate the pre-marriage programme. They are committed married couples.

In the Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, and Taranaki there are usually one, and sometimes two, pre-marriage programmes per year, which consist of six evenings. In addition, the priest/pastoral team will help you in the preparation of the liturgy for your wedding. If you are living in one of the Metropolitan centres you can also do your pre-marriage preparation there


Safeguarding/Child and Youth Protection

The protection and care of children and young people, especially in the light of events over the last decades, is an essential element of the Church’s care.

All ministries within the Church are undertaken with the care of children and young people at heart. You can find more information on the website of the national office supporting professional standards.

We are in the process of developing standards, policies and procedures so that everyone working with young people and children in the church will have been formed and instructed in safe practice, police checked, and will work according to the protocols of the diocese.

Anyone with concerns, or historical issues, is asked to approach the Bishop’s Office, in total confidence.



Leadership within the church lies with the Bishop. The Bishop appoints pastors who act and lead in his name in each parish. The leadership therefore of the Bishop and priests is within the church community and is expected to use the “gifts” and charisms of the baptised for the building up of the Body of Christ in a “co-responsible” manner.

Every parish is therefore expected to have the canonically formed (i.e. by Church Law) finance committee but leadership is also expected to be given in a “collaborative” and “co-responsible” manner by a parish leadership team/parish council, liturgy committees, and youth ministry teams, pre-marriage and pre-sacramental teams, and others at all levels of the parish.

In addition, this leadership is seen to extend to the leadership and the boards of trustees of our colleges and primary schools who are also responsible for the building up of the Church and the preaching of the Gospel.


Benedict XVI address to an assembly of Catholic Action, 2012

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