Te Hahi Hurihuri – The Evolving Church

Published on 1st Jul, 2021

How can we positively engage with change in our parishes?


A Hui on Worship, Music and Pastoral Life

Palmerston North

Suggested koha: $25


The parish is in transition; as a result, we are experiencing changes in
liturgical practice, pastoral priorities, and musical repertoire. How are we
experiencing this transition, what do we think about it and how can we
positively engage with change?

Te Hahi Hurihuri The Evolving Church will be an important opportunity
for those involved in ministry in parishes and schools to have relevant
discussions in their particular stream – liturgy, pastoral life, and pastoral liturgical

Presenters will be focusing on the changes we are experiencing in
society and the church. Together we will share, discuss, and discern
positive ways in which to lead and make a difference in our communities.

Please share this information with others in your community and
encourage them to come too.

For more information and updates: pndiocese.org.nz/liturgyhui

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