Interfaith Resource

Published on 26th Nov, 2019

16 November was the United Nations International Day For Tolerance. Fifty years ago the United Nations made a Declaration of Principles of Tolerance, affirming that tolerance means respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, of which faith and religion are central to our experience of being human.

Likewise people of faith share the conviction that the Earth is Mother, a sacred gift for the care and nurture of all Humanity. In the interfaith event: Faith, Family Feast, communities of faith connected with the theme of Environmental Cooperation, care of the Earth, and justice for the most vulnerable, some through meditation, chanting and prayer, others through song and dance.

Communities then shard the bounty of the Earth with one another, and on 23 November, engaged in a service project at Pit Park to care for the Earth in a practical way mindful of Rene Dubois’ famous maxim, “Think globally, Act locally.”

You can download the interfaith resource from the event here.

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