COVID-19 – Prayers in Time of Separation

Published on 22nd Aug, 2020

The Herod Virus

Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

To escape the wrath of Herod,

you isolated yourselves in Egypt,

far from the support of family and friends.

We, too, are separated from many loved ones.

Our “Herod” is a virus putting all at risk.

Border closures prevent travel,

making reunion impossible.

You know the anguish of separation and

how the unknown gives birth to fear.

Strengthen the aroha that binds us,

the wairua that holds us close.

Gentle us in this time of uncertainty

to believe, to trust, to hope.  Amen.

[Matthew 2:13-15]

Far Away

You are far away, my friend,

for the good of your health

and mine and everyone else’s.

It hurts, of course,

for there is a longing to be together,

even while this pandemic hovers

and threatens lives, and keeps you

far away.

How wonderful, though, we can

hold one another in prayer

where isolation dissolves

and faith unites

and nothing is very far away.

Socially Distant


with your sister and some others,

you stood on Calvary

at a distance,

helpless with grief as Jesus died.

There are many today

in this pandemic crisis

who cannot be with those they love

who lie ill, perhaps dying.

All must remain socially distant,

unable to hold or even touch

lest the virus spreads.

Be with those who feel so helpless.

Comfort the healthy and the sick.

Ease the stress that distance imposes.

Open us to the strength you found

and to the peace no distance can disturb.

[Mark 15:40-41; John 19:25-27]

Fr James Lyons

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