Catholic Enquiry Centre Reaches Out on Trinity Sunday

Published on 3rd Jun, 2019

Trinity Sunday, the first Sunday after Pentecost, celebrates the Holy Trinity – God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This year, Trinity Sunday is on 16 June.

Neil Vaney sm

Trinity Sunday is a powerful reminder of mission. It helps us remember that Jesus emptied himself. He stepped out of the timeless total joy of the inner intimacy of God to share with us the struggles, doubts and tragedies of our lives. He died like us, shamefully and painfully as some of us do. Our mission as Catholics is to share that remarkable story with others.

But our world has changed. The pace and anxiety of modern life, the lure of living through the virtual world of media and social communications has made the message of the gospel very distant and seemingly irrelevant for so many among whom we live.

The Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC) exists to help Catholics spread that good news to the people around us. Doing this today means we have to enter the unending flow of information and solicitation that fills our screens and ears. That is why CEC has created Catholic Discovery as a Facebook page to reach out to the world. We are striving to nourish faithful Catholics but also to reach out to those who no longer walk with faith or have never known it.

Trinity Sunday and Mission Today

This Trinity Sunday the New Zealand bishops asks the CEC to promote its work through all parishes. We want to provide Catholics with resources and reflections to enrich their lives and encourage them to reach out to those around them who do not know Jesus Christ. You who read this are now Christ’s mission in this world.

CEC needs followers to read and share ideas and to tell friends about the resources it holds. Many of our faithful donors and supporters are now retired or in the last decade of their lives. We need new supporters who by prayer, by sharing our work with others and donating to us will ensure that Jesus’ mission continues. We also need funds to bring out wonderful speakers such as Br Guy Consolmagno sj who recently wowed listeners throughout New Zealand.

So please open your hearts to our work this coming Trinity Sunday. Look us up on and on our Catholic Discovery Facebook page. Pray about becoming a sponsor and supporter and keep our work alive by donating to us.

Neil Vaney sm is pastoral director CEC.

Published in WelCom June 2019

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