A spirit of encounter

Published on 4th Nov, 2023

WelCom November 2023

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand invites you to take part in the World Day of the Poor 2023 on 19 November, as an opportunity to reflect on and renew commitments to walking together towards a fair and just world.

Pope Francis tells us that ‘those living in poverty must also be involved and accompanied in a process of change and responsibility’. To break down barriers that reinforce cycles of poverty and limit opportunities for some, we all must be involved. To encounter is to walk with others, with humility. Though we cannot walk with everyone, we each can contribute what we have. We meet each other exactly where we are and encounter one other with the intent of learning and growing.

We are called to recognise poverty is not something which simply exists, but rather it has varied causes. It can be built and reinforced through structures of inequality and systems of indifference to people. It can take the form of spiritual, emotional or mental poverty as well as material hardship.

To mark World Day of the Poor this year, Caritas highlights the invaluable work of Bethlehem University that serves as a beacon of hope in the Holy Land.

As World Day of the Poor nears, Caritas invites you to consider how you can work to build a world where, Caritas invites you to consider how you can work to build a world where every person is cherished: ‘Join us in making a difference and breathing life into Pope Francis’ vision of genuine encounter.’

Caritas has created a variety of resources for the World Day of the Poor, including a discussion resource on what ‘encounter’ can look like in New Zealand. The resources can be accessed online at: caritas.org.nz/world-day-of-the-poor. 

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