Warning - Scam Calls Posing as our Priests

Published on 6th Nov, 2023

It has come to our attention that scam calls are being made where they have pretended to be one of our diocesan parish priests. Using the priest’s name, they ask for help in the form of gift cards or money. Note that none of our priest’s will ask for any money or gift cards and if in doubt ring the parish phone number. If you receive any such calls or texts, that are requesting such, please ignore and do not reply. Text’s often say, “they are in a meeting, so do not phone, but text back and that your help is critical and highly appreciated”. – Do not reply.

You can report their phone number to Department of Internal Affairs, by forwarding the text to 7726, then send in another text the scammers phone number. Then block the scammer’s number immediately.

If you receive a text/email which seems strange, always check the phone number (or email address). If it is a scam, the details will be slightly different. If in doubt, please do not respond to the text but delete it.

If you have been scammed, it’s important that you contact the police on 105.

Click here to read a Stuff article about it happening in Auckland.

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