Vatican international youth meeting

Published on 3rd Feb, 2018

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference has appointed Isabella McCafferty, of Wellington, to represent New Zealand Catholic youth at a four-day international meeting in Rome next month. Isabella works in the Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocese and is on the National Council for Young People.

Also attending will be representatives from other faiths, schools, universities, workplaces, sports, arts and volunteer associations. Experts, educators and trainers will also attend.

The meeting is a precursor to the Bishops’ Synod on Young people, faith and vocation discernment in October this year.

NZCBC President Bishop Patrick Dunn said, ‘Isabella is a passionate and dedicated advocate for young people in the Catholic Church in New Zealand.’

Isabella said she is looking forward to talking with other young people from around the world and is heartened by the move of the Vatican to seriously listen to young people.

‘The voice of young people within the Catholic Church is crucial if it wants to move forward in an enlightened and informed way. I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring Aotearoa New Zealand’s voice to this meeting, reinforcing the learnings we shared from our 2017 Youth Survey. I hope we come away with a real sense of “yes, our voices have been heard and here’s what the Church, with your help, plans to do”.’

Published in WelCom February 2018

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