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Published on 7th Mar, 2022

WelCom March 2022

Lorraine (Rain) Forest

In this tricky era of Covid, here in New Plymouth we’re thinking outside the box to try new ways of doing, reaching and connecting young people in youth ministry. The Catholic Parish of New Plymouth Youth Group are super excited to be launching ‘The Catholic Couch’ – our new youth radio show on Access Radio Taranaki, 4.30pm Mondays.

Have you ever grabbed some friends piled onto an old, worn, youth-group couch – the kind you sink into and lose your phone between the cushions – and where someone will likely come squeeze next to you or on top of you? And you just have good chats. That’s the feel of our radio show. Our youth will have the opportunity to talk about anything and everything beautiful, good, difficult, messy, young, and Catholic. We will also be showcasing young people in our community with musical talent. Each week will have a different theme and the youth will take turns co-hosting.

It’s a live show but also is recorded as a podcast that you can check out on the Access Radio Taranaki website, Spotify or Apple podcast. We’d love you to tune in and let us know what you think. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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The Catholic Couch – a photoshopped montage onto a couch of some of our youth during activities. Image: Supplied

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