Palmerston North Interfaith Group

The Palmerston North Interfaith Group was formed in 2011 to build bridges of trust, friendship and love between members of all faith communities in Palmerston North and environs.

We have organised many interfaith events in Palmerston North, including “Making Peace with Abraham, Our Father in Faith” in 2013, held at the Sound and Vision Centre of Palmerston North City Library.

In 2015, we organised the forum, “Sharing Care of the Earth- Science-Faith-Action” held at Massey University.

In 2016, a multi-faith prayer service was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in response to the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, called by Pope Francis, and observed by Catholics, ecumenical and interfaith groups around the world from 8 December 2015 until 20 November 2016.

In 2017, the panel discussion, “Interfaith Women Resist the Climate of Hatred and Fear: Sharing different faith perspectives on Building Bridges of Trust, Friendship and Love” was held at Events Central in Palmerston North City Library, in response to the increasing use of the language of hatred and fear in public discourse.  When this happens, women and children are most vulnerable to its message of exclusion and discrimination.

A Proceedings Volume of this conversation has been published.  Part one records the wisdom of six women from Palmerston North from the Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Baha’i, Christian and Buddhist traditions.  Part two documents the history of the Palmerston North Interfaith Group.  It is a powerful story of faith and friendship. You can view and download this booklet by clicking here.


Mary Eastham, 14 August, 2018. Member of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Interfaith Relations and Chairperson of the Palmerston North Interfaith Group since 2011

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