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Published on 1st May, 2019

Amanda Gregan

Executive Officer for New Zealand Catholic Bishops

Siobhan Dilly, newly appointed Executive Officer for the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference. Photo: WelCom

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference (NZCBC) announced in March the appointment of Siobhan Dilly as its new Executive Officer.

Siobhan has a strong background in business management. Prior to taking up her role with NZCBC Siobhan has been the Policy Analyst and Projects Manager for the New Zealand Catholic Education Office. Before that she had worked in organisational management and executive support in a variety of positions. Siobhan has an MBA and holds leadership roles in the community, including a recent role as chair of a local Catholic college board of trustees and a national executive role for a women’s advocacy organisation.

NZCBC Secretary Bishop Charles Drennan said, ‘In addition to Siobhan’s strong analytical and communication skills, her experience in relationship management and business administration align well with the breadth and nature of this role. We welcome Siobhan to the Secretariat team and to our table of Bishops. Pivotal to her role is to help manage us and to be our direct link to the numerous Catholic agencies and commissions serving the Church community and our civic community of Aotearoa.’

Siobhan said she is delighted to be coming into the role and contributing at a national level with a highly respected organisation within the Catholic Church.

Siobhan replaces James van Schie who has taken up a new role as General Manager for the Auckland Diocese.

Director for National Liturgy Office

Fr John O’Connor, Acting Director, National Liturgy Office. Photo: Supplied

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference (NZCBC) recently announced the appointment of Fr John O’Connor as Acting Director of the Catholic Church’s National Liturgy Office.

Fr John was ordained a priest in 1985. While serving in parishes in the Christchurch Diocese until recently, he also completed a MA in Spirituality and continues to offer spiritual direction, retreats and spiritual formation seminars around the globe. He is now completing a MA in Liturgy. Fr John is Vocations Director for the Christchurch Diocese and is the creator and author of the website and online ministry.

Fr John says he is convinced ‘if we get the liturgy right, all other aspects of the life of the Church will fall into place easily’.

Bishop Charles Drennan, NZCBC Secretary, said, ‘we are most grateful to Fr John for filling this role, given his many other commitments. Fr John brings a creativity and technical skill set to the role as well as a deep love of liturgy. Our hope is the work of the National Liturgy Office will transform the quality of liturgical experience in parishes. Collaboration and building relationships with local liturgical commissions and councils will then be a vital part to the role.’

Published in WelCom May 2019

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