Interfaith Event - FAITH FAMILY FEAST

Published on 31st Oct, 2019

Saturday, 16 November Interfaith Event on Environmental Cooperation: FAITH FAMILY FEAST, Ross Intermediate School Hall, Freyberg Street, 7pm

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility. The great religions of the world are reservoirs of wisdom when it comes to caring for the Earth. Comprised of members from seven faith traditions and five branches of the Christian family, the Palmerston North Interfaith Group has addressed the challenge of climate change since 2015:

Like Pope Francis, we share the conviction that “When people hear the message to address climate change and protect the environment from the church, mosque, synagogue or temple, it will have far more power to motivate action than a regulatory or economic message ever will. Religion, unlike any other institutional force in society, has the power to directly influence our values and beliefs. And at this particular moment in our human existence on Earth—the epoch of the Anthropocene—this religious voice is all the more important. A proper response to the Anthropocene Era calls for a new set of values and beliefs about our relationship with the environment, with each other, and for many, with God.”

(Andrew Hoffman, “Laudato si’ and the Role of Religion in Shaping Humanity’s Response to Climate Change), Volume 6 | Issue 5 | Page 40-47 | December 2015)

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