Hands-on in promoting vocations

Published on 21st May, 2019

Fr Nathaniel Brazil recently visited Cullinane College, Whanganui, to talk to year 12 and 13 students about vocations.

Speaking about Diocesan priesthood combined three highlights for Fr Nathaniel: his 4th Ordination Anniversary, Good Shepherd Sunday (12th may 2019), and a passion to promote vocations.

His talk wasn’t so much a day-in-the-life-of-a-priest lecture, but rather he used the essentials of a priests life to both explain and engage the students.  Four volunteers got the opportunity to put on albs, stoles and chasubles, while Fr Nathaniel explained what each represented as well as the meaning of his breviary, rosary beads, Bible and book of blessings.

Questions ranged from how hard it is to become a priest to what a priest ‘does’.  Fr Nathaniel also explained that it’s not a career choice as they’re choosing to do, but a Call from God in one’s heart and to listen carefully.

Sue Seconi

Image: from left, Fr Nathaniel, Jacob Edmonds, Linkin Ross, Levi Check and Jacob Wylie

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