COVID-19 Update for our Communities

Published on 13th Aug, 2020
Last Updated: 13/8/20 at 2:40pm


On Wednesday 12th August, our country returned to Alert Level 2 (or Level 3 for Auckland). This was a sudden and difficult change for our communities, but we can continue to get through this by relying on each other and our faith in God.

Download: Parish Information for Alert Level 2 in the Diocese of Palmerston North
In this letter, Monsignor Brian outlines the liturgical restrictions for Alert Level 2 for the Diocese of Palmerston North. This letter was prepared for parish staff but gives you an idea of what will be taking place in your parishes this weekend.

Download: Bishops to Parishes re Resurgence Announcement
This letter from the NZCBC was published on Wednesday 12th August and covers the upcoming weekend. This letter covers implications for parishes for Alert Level 3, 2 and 1. The regions of the Diocese of Palmerston North are currently in Alert Level 2. Over the coming days, if we were to see a change from this alert level, the implications in this letter can be applied.

Monsignor Brian also outlines that if the situation worsens you will need to comply with any further communication from the NZCBC and/or Cardinal John Dew.



Celebration of Sunday Mass is able to go ahead in the Diocese of Palmerston North, so long as it complies with all government advice on number restrictions, safe spacing, and other health advice. More information on this is included in Monsignor Brian’s letter below. Your local parish might not be able to meet these restrictions – please reach out to them to confirm Mass times for this weekend. The dispensation for attending Sunday Mass is still in place, so if you feel unwell or unsafe please stay at home and continue to find other ways to celebrate Sunday.

Saturday 15th August is also the Solemnity of the Assumption. This is normally a Holy Day of Obligation in Aotearoa – a celebration so central to our faith that attending Mass is essential. Due to COVID restrictions and health concerns, a dispensation has been issued for this feast: you are not required to attend Mass. We encourage you to still make Saturday a ‘holy day’ and find meaningful ways to celebrate the Assumption.



Contact tracing is a great way to keep our country safe. All businesses (including parishes) are now required to display the NZ Covid Tracer poster. This shows a unique code that visitors scan to log their visit. We encourage you to download the app and maintain a digital diary of your visits. Download links and more information are available here:

Sunday prayer resources and more are available as part of our new initiative, Tūmanako. Visit the website here:

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