Sr Margaret Anne meets Pope Francis


Sr Margaret Anne Mills dolc, Congregational Leader, Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, meets Pope Francis.

While in Rome in May this year to attend a conference of the International Union of Superior Generals, Sr Margaret Anne Mills dolc had the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis. Although only a brief encounter, she made sure she was carrying the Italian translation of a special Venerable Suzanne Aubert prayer card and one of Cardinal John Dew, together with a letter telling the Pope about the recent diocesan inquiry and progress with the Cause for Suzanne.

‘It was a wonderful moment and I felt Pope Francis greeted me very warmly and appeared genuinely interested in New Zealand and what we are doing,’ said Sr Margaret Anne. ‘I made sure both the prayer cards and the letter I had written; found its way into the hands of his trusted secretary.’

After the meeting with Pope Francis, Sr Margaret Anne together with the Roman Postulator for the Cause of Venerable Suzanne Aubert, Fr Maurice Carmody, had a formal meeting with Cardinal Beccui, the prefect for the Pontifical Commission for the Causes of Saints.

This significant meeting provided an opportunity for Fr Maurice to brief the cardinal on the recent diocesan inquiry held in Christchurch and to formally present documentation for consideration of alleged miracle through the intercession of Suzanne Aubert. The cardinal was made aware of the tragedy had occurred at two mosques in Christchurch, which coincided with the final day of the diocesan inquiry in March. Sr Margaret Anne said Cardinal Beccui was very interested in Suzanne Aubert’s Cause. The cardinal lived in Wellington in 1990 to 1992, at the Nunciature in Lyall Bay as secretary to the Nuncio.

Now that all the documentation associated with the inquiry has been received at the Vatican, the Sisters of Compassion are awaiting the finding from the examination and deliberation of those assigned by Pope Francis to investigate the evidence.

Published in WelCom July 2019

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