Vocations Retreat 2017

Published on 10th Sep, 2017

Last weekend I led a Vocations Retreat. Through baptism we are all people of vocation or calling.
For the majority that means marriage, the mother of all vocations. Some however feel called to discern life as a Priest or Sister or Brother.

Twelve young men and women gathered with me and three other facilitators at the beautiful Magnificat centre in the Wairarapa to reflect on the call to priesthood and religious life. We were from different backgrounds and ages and stages yet there was a joyful sense of cohesion and companionship among us. That too was the experience of the Apostles and the very first Disciples of Jesus. His call is universal, making us brothers and sisters in faith and mission.

I felt encouraged and great blessed by this experience of openness. Grappling with the big questions of life is not easy for anyone. But engaging with them brings hope and a sense of gratitude to everyone. So I want to say again to those who came, thank you. And as the Italians say, coraggio! 


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