Travels in India pt 1

Published on 2nd Nov, 2016

Today I begin my annual holiday. I fly out to India – Delhi – then take an internal flight to Dehra Dun.

My base is a place called Raphael where I have been visiting and volunteering for 28 years. It’s a diverse community: some with leprosy, special needs children and adults, and it has a small TB hospital too.

From there I venture out and get involved with other projects too. Most people there are Hindu with a few Muslims and Christians. It is also the place where, during my first OE, I decided to give the seminary a try upon return to NZ. Many years on I love now being able to arrive in a completely different world, with rhythms so different from my usual pattern of day, yet feel totally at home. That’s a privilege and a gift.

My intention is to keep everyone updated and add a photo or two while away, so feel free to join in the journey.


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