David Seymour's Euthanasia Bill

Published on 13th Jul, 2017

Kia ora tātou

We Catholics are a progressive, pro-life, pro-nature people. I encourage you all to make your voice heard against the retrograde Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Bill. Here are some simple observations that you might bear in mind:

  • Law protects, law teaches, law upholds citizens.
  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide are unnecessary and destructive. Palliative care is well able to control pain and alleviate suffering in an ethical and transparent way.
  • David Seymour’s parliamentary Bill undermines and threatens the citizens of our country.
  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide would divide families, put psychological pressure on the elderly and the disabled, and would undermine the relationship between health professionals and patients.
  • The ‘right’ to choose never trumps the duty to do what is good.
  • We see our nation’s youth suicides rates as a disgrace and cause for shame. How could we contemplate introducing a further category of suicide?
  • David Seymour is one politician who belongs to one Political Party that has less than one percent support in New Zealand. 78% percentage of the 21,277 submissions to the government consultation enquiry (select committee) were against a change in our law.
  • Māori, Pasifika, Filipino, Christian Indians, are overwhelmingly against euthanasia and assisted suicide, as are many Pākehā.
  • Seymour’s Bill is unkiwi, unethical, unchristian and unprogressive. Palliative care nurses, doctors and caregivers who work in our Hospices are national heroes. Why should one man threaten to undermine all they work for and what we stand for?

Please let your voice be heard, and indicate to your MP your opposition to this backward Bill.


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